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Wizzylab is an online school designer that allows you to create a school in 5 minutes and start selling online video courses, trainings, webinars, files and pdf-books!

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Wizzylab is great:

  • For anyone who wants to sell courses

    Create online stores or sell from existing blogs and sites video courses, instructions, pdf books.

  • Online schools

    Create a stylish, convenient and functional online school with online courses, a blog and webinars.

  • Educational establishments

    Create, video courses, lectures, tasks and tests. Keep a blog of the school.

  • Experts

    Teach more people in less time. Conduct small videoconferences and webinars.

  • Corporate training

    Adaptation of new employees, development of skills and training of employees, creation of a knowledge base.
    A simple way to share knowledge and improve the skills of new existing employees in your organization.

  • SaaS platform

    Demonstration of the work of software products.

Wizzylab is all you need to sell content ... and even more)

E-Commerce site

Your online store of video courses with your own corporate style, without programming skills and design development.

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Online Course

A simple and easy-to-use tool that clearly demonstrates the structure of the course.

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Membership site for courses

Closed Membership site with access to the materials by password. Access to the materials is provided automatically immediately after payment.

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Acceptance of payment

Payments for the sale directly go to your bank account. We do not interfere with the payment process, and no transaction fees are charged.

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Sale of courses on facebook

Make a store on Facebook in seconds.

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AvtoVebinar with
pay-per-view access

Sell webinar records based on Google Hangouts / Youtube live.

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Why choose Wizzylab

A long way
  • 40$/year
  • $20/hour
    Customize and
  • 10$/year
  • 40$/month
  • $15/hour
    graphic design
  • $15/month
  • 15$/month
  • $10/month
  • $$$
    Search time
960 $ + / year

Total cost on
payment for the year

Your online school
Your online school
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Designer for
online schools
$ 16 / month

at payment for a year

Sell from a website or blog

You can easily connect our widget to your blog or website

Sell directly to your fans and fans

Make a store on Facebook in seconds.

Sell your courses directly to Facebook using Wizzylab. Customers will be able to view your courses directly on your Facebookpage in the “Store” section.

The sale will also takeplace on Facebook. It’s easy!

Create an online Academy of your product

# 1 Create and sell a video course that solves the user’s problem with your product

# 2 Tell us about the useful subtleties of your product that are used in paid plans

# 3 Create a resource center of your site: Store webinar entries, instructions “How to” and video courses of your product in one place


Use the benefits of Wizzylab to grow your business and save time when creating sites for selling courses

beautiful Beautiful site

Create a stylish site with a built-in catalog of courses, accept payments as soon as possible, without any hassle.

adaptive-design Adaptive design

You can use the site both on mobile devices and on personal computers. There is no need to create mobile applications.

settings Very easy setup

To start using Wizzylab is as simple as, for example, a social network. Easy setup and ease of use

cloud-export Unlimited number of courses, lessons and students

You can create as many courses as you want

edit Course Editor

Very simple and convenient tool for adding different materials in your course using different blocks. You can move them inside the course.

video-host Video Hosting

Upload your video content directly to Wizzylab. Your customers will be able to watch videos on any device and at any time. Therefore, you do not need to think about where to store your video. Video hosting is included in the cost of each plan.

landscape Intuitive control panel

All in one place. Receiving payments, managing courses, users and access. Sending emails to users. Analytics and integration with your favorite services.

wallet Creating products with paid access

Organization membership access to content. Possibility to create paid, paid with demo access and free products.

user Your own domain name

Using the subdomain on is free. Connect your own domain in a few clicks.

widget-add Connecting the catalog widget to your existing sites

You can create a catalog of courses on Wizzylab and embed it on your WordPress, Joomla or Wix site.

payment2 Connection of the payment system

Accept payment through PayPal, Visa, Mastercard. Use the most popular payment systems.

blog Embedded blog

Develop a personal brand, talk about new products. At the end of each article is built a block of “similar materials”

Connect your favorite services

Do newsletters, collect feedback, connect comments and analytics, in general expand the functionality of the site with the help of popular services integrated in Wizzylab

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google-analitics mailchimp sumome drift facebook appearin disqus
Receive payment for video courses, events, webinars and online consultations.
  • Start accepting payments in a few clicks. Easy connection and convenient acceptance of payments on Visa, Mastercard, PayPal.
  • You can easily accept and withdraw payment from customers using PayPal in any country.
  • Convenient, secure, optimized widget.

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Compare Features: Wizzylab vs Course catalogs/Udemy vs WordPress vs Wix
A separate site Simplicity Management of video courses / shop Sale of files and broadcasts Technical specialist is needed Access to user data, such as e-mail Selling competitors' products to your customers Managing discounts on Your products Customize your design and brand Your domain Hosting is enabled Hosting for video (viewing on any device) Course View Mode Blog Connect to any platform / site Cost of initial setup Tips and support for quick start








Examples of using

Site with "Password access"

Use as a closed cabinet and manually configure access to courses for users. For example, if the payment is configured on an external landing.

In this case, the user will only see the courses available to him after registration


How to Online Academy of Your Site

For SaaS platforms and site owners. Creating an academy for your product with the ability to bind to your subdomain, for example,

This will look like an additional section of your main site