Content + Wizzylab = Product for sale

With the help of Wizzylab it is easy to create stylish online courses, offices with closed access, online academies of your services or LMS for corporate training


Your site will be optimized for viewing from mobile devices, and will automatically look good on both smartphones and tablets, and on computers.

Online store of video courses and digital materials

Use Wizzylab as the main high-grade site with a stylish catalog of courses, books and a blog. Sale or free access to materials.

Stylish blog

Activate the built-in blog and develop a personal brand, attract additional customers, talk about new products.
At the end of each article is built a block of “similar materials”

Video Hosting

Upload your video content directly to Wizzylab. Your customers will be able to watch videos on any device and at any time. Therefore, you do not need to think about where to store your video. Video hosting is included in the cost of each plan.


Add bonus files to your products. Download documents, presentations, images and audio files to make your content more valuable to your users and students.

Community development

Use interactive comments and discussions during the course of your course. This will allow your clients (students) to actively interact with you and other users.

SEO optimization for search engines

Place keywords to bring the target audience to the site. Control how the site will look in the SERP.

Training mode

After buying a video course or other materials, the user enters a special “Training Mode” where all materials are conveniently submitted. You can make some sections free so that the user before the purchase can view them and make a decision. In this mode, the video is copy-protected.

Support will not be required

There is no need to learn to program or ask for help from familiar designers and developers to make a site with private access. Everything you need is always visible and intuitive. Using Wizzylab is as simple as registering with a social network.

Website for digital products

Use Wizzylab to combine all of your products into one attractive website. Video courses, Events, Webinars and Online consultations.

Create an online store of video courses

Open a professional online academy, which is easy to manage. Promote your products online.

Single control panel

Create content, track sales and payments, manage access, blog and all from one place.

Your personal brand

This is your site, and you can customize its look the way you want. Add your logo, images and colors to create your brand.

Custom URL

Each Wizzylab site automatically receives a free domain (mysite.Wizzylab.com) so that you can start working right away. Add more personality for your site – connect your own domain (www.mysite.com) or subdomain for online academy (courses.mysite.com)

Is there already a blog on WordPress or Joomla?

With the simple Wizzylab plug-in it is now possible to sell digital products, services or online consultations directly from your WordPress site very simply.

Personal library of each user

Users of your mysite.wizzylab.com website will have access to the “My Courses” section with a personal library of courses that they have bought or accessed

Loading a Favicon

Upload your own icon, which will be displayed on the tab of the browser, and increase the visibility of your site.

Drag-and-drop image adding

A handy widget for adding images to the description of courses and blog – just drag the image from the folder on your computer, accout on Facebook, Evernote, Google Drive or Dropbox and trim to the desired size.

Manage pages

Include or disable the necessary pages: Contacts, Blog, Privacy Policy, User Agreement.

Set up your homepage

Use a standard home page with popular entries, a material catalog page, or an entry / registration page as your home page.

Embedded blog

Use an integrated blog to develop a personal brand, attract additional customers, and of course, talk about their innovations and updates.

Content management system

A simple way to control access in automatic and manual mode

Paid access

Creation of video courses and materials with paid and free access

Subscription mode

Creating paid courses with a time limit, for example, for 1 month. After the end, the user will need to reactivate / buy it.

Free materials

Creation of free video courses, pdf-books, instructions. To gain access to the material, the user will only have to register. You get a lead, it’s useful stuff.

Trial sections

The possibility of creating free trial sections / lessons in paid products for familiarization. Free sections on the site are marked with a special icon.

Auto-enroll users

Automatic inclusion of access to content after its purchase by the user

Manually adding new users

Convenient addition of new users – just insert a name and email address and select which material to give access to.

Manual locking of access

Regardless of the settings, you can always close the access to the course.

A list of users

A list of all users who bought something from you, with product filtering. This will let you know who bought what.

Email on your domain

The ability to send group and single messages to your users from a mailbox of the form [email protected] or [email protected]

"Closed site" mode

You can enable the closed mode of the site. When you go to your site mysite.wizzylab.com, only the login form will be available. Data for the user / student can be sent directly from the office.


Start selling your courses online today

Customizing the appearance of product cards

You can use photos or simply choose a bright color for the products card.

Stylish tags

Add for each Video Course, Events, Events tags that will be stylishly displayed on your site

Section "Video courses"

In this section are all published video courses, paid and free.

"Events" section with a countdown timer

You can create an event page, add, for example, a YouTube online broadcast link, and a webinar with private, paid access is ready!

Section "Online consultations"

If you consult on any issues, then create the product “Online consultation”. When buying a consultation, the user chooses the convenient time, duration, and leaves contact information. In the office, a link to the virtual room is generated automatically, with a capacity of up to 8 people at a time.

Multiple Payment Methods

You can start accepting payments in a few clicks. Convenient reception of payments by Visa, Mastercard, PayPal [coming soon].

Intuitive online course designer

You add video, text, downloads – and we make an attractively packed product ready for sale

Support for different types of content

You can upload videos (avi, mp4 and others), use formatted text with pictures, download presentations (ppt) and documents (pdf), create tests, and insert code snippets with highlighting.


the ability to attach files with the ability to download, for example, pdf-reports, pictures, plug-ins and more.

Embedding online broadcasts

You can create an event page, add, for example, a YouTube online broadcast link, and a webinar with private, paid access is ready!


Add tests after each block for better mastering of the material.

Embedding YouTube videos

Simply add a video ID or link.

Several Authors

The ability to publish content on behalf of different authors

Trial sections

Possibility of creating free trial sections / lessons in paid products

Protected Pages

Create pages with restricted access, to which only visitors allowed by you can access.

Receive payment for video courses, events, webinars and online consultations.

Connect one of the services and accept payments by credit card or PayPal

Your personal account

Payments for the sale directly go to your bank account. We do not interfere with the payment process, and no transaction fees are charged.

Payment Gateways

Wizzylab integrates with popular payment gateways, such as LiqPay, Paypal, FastSpring.

Accepting offline payment

Students can pay you money in cash or by any other means. After that you can manually enroll students for the necessary courses.

Fast enrollment

Deposit funds to your account within 1 banking day.

Personalized payment page

Simple customization of the page on which the buyer enters the data of his card, with your logo and with the color of your brand. This has a positive effect on the customer’s purchasing power.

Promotional codes

You can create Promotional codes to receive discounts for your customers. The customer enters a promotional code on the payment page and the amount is recounted with discount.

Expand Wizzylab with additional features

Plugin for integration with the site on WordPress, Joomla or Wix

Create a catalog of online courses on Wizzylab and integrate it with the site on WordPress in a few clicks. The cap and the basement will be automatically downloaded from your site, and the catalog of courses – with Wizzylab. Learn more

Email Mailing and Mailing (drip) marketing

For example, when using MailChimp, you can make sure that when buying your video courses or files, the email of the client / student will be placed in a separate list, and all users on this list will receive a letter every 5 days with interesting materials or further instructions.

Buttons of social networks SumoMe

Make your site relevant by adding SumoMe social network compatible buttons in mobile mode, fully customizable in appearance for each of your pages.

SumoMe Contact Form

If you need to establish feedback from visitors to your site – then you need to enable the use of the SumoMe contact form in the settings. By default, it will be on the right as a pop-up widget.

Involving the audience in the discussion and the mini-forum Disqus

Increase audience involvement and the number of comments on your site. Display on the pages of products of the stylish block “Recent Comments” with authorization through social networks.

Integration with Google Analytics

Track the number of visitors to your site, the number of pages per visit, the average time on the site and the bounce rate. Take full advantage of Google Analytics.

Facebook Pixel

create customized audiences, optimize conversion of ads to Facebook, track conversions on your site. Track events such as Lid, Start of Checkout and Make a Purchase.

Tracking key performance indicators for your business

Built-in native statistics

Track the sales of video courses all and separately, payments, the number of registered users for each course, requests for online consultations, the date of the last login of the user through the finished internal statistics.

Google Analytics

Fully integrated, does not require work with the code, just add the counter number in the site settings and track the number of visitors to your site, the number of pages per visit, the average time on the site and the bounce rate.

Analytics with Facebook Pixel
[coming soon]

Add a pixel to the settings and track events such as Lid, Start of Checkout and Make a Purchase.

Hosting and Security

24/7 Support

We do all the technical work for you, so you just have to focus on what you like to do.

Connecting your own domain in a few clicks

Specify in the site settings your domain, register the IP address of your registrar and the domain is connected.

High availability of service

Our servers work with uptime, which exceeds 99.9%. The Wizzylab platform will be available at any time.

Hosting for your site

You do not need to pay separately for storing your files, because we provide hosting. And you do not need to worry about the uninterrupted operation of the site.

Instant update

We are constantly improving Wizzylab, adding new features, making more convenient use. And all these updates will be automatically available on your site.

Secure payments

All information about users and credit cards is safely transmitted using SSL encryption technology. We use only reliable payment gateways, so that the client can make a secure payment on your site.

Full Scalability