How WizzyLab Works


What is Wizzylab

faq-1Wizzylab is an online platform that allows every person with any experience to create a website, a mini marketplace, and on its basis to create video courses, online consultations, events and conduct training. Wizzylab allows you to easily pack your experience into a course, post it on your own website, or integrate into your WordPress blog and sell it or provide it for free, developing your brand. And all this without technical knowledge in 5 minutes. A person can try himself in a new profession, starting right now without additional costs, to become useful to society and to make a profit on a favorite business. With wizzylab, teachers can create their own branded schools and attract students from the Internet.

Why use Wizzylab?

To create a mini-market for video courses, files and personal consultations on which access to video and other materials is organized for a fee. Here are some more ideas:

• You can create an online school and give access to video lessons by invitation or sell them
• Create an online consultation platform, users can record on the calendar for consultations, and then conduct them in a virtual room, without using external software
• You can also sell documents, music on your personal digital store
• Publish events with subsequent sale on the beautiful pages of your events on the Internet
• Create an organization training center • Or simply blog.

This publication will help you understand the capabilities of Wizzylab. In it you will find the following information:

— How to register a Wizzylab account
— How to design and customize your site
— How to add the first course, event and online consultation
— How to connect a blog and use the publication.
— How to create paid products — connection of payment reception
— How to expand the possibilities — connect messenger, buttons for likes, email—mailing service, analytics and comments. — How to connect Wizzylab to WordPress

How to register a Wizzylab account

pic To start To use Wizzylab go to and click the “Register” button.
In the window that appears, you will be asked to enter your name, email (the name will be used as the name of the author of the materials by default), and also to come up with the name of the site, and its address on the Internet, or the domain (in the future there will be another opportunity to change the address once in the Internet). And of course, you just need to come up with a password to enter. By the way, in the future access to your site will also be carried out through the site, through the button “Login”
picAfter clicking the register button, you will need to wait a little while your site is created, usually less than a minute.
After registering, you will be taken to your personal account – Control Panel. The main page offers basic actions, your statistics, and useful information in the column to the right.



From here in a few seconds you can add a new digital product – the button to add the product.


In the settings you enter the product name, description and if you need photos / pictures, you can write why buy / watch this material. You can choose the author yourself, or create several authors, and then create, for example, different video courses from different authors under the same account. Here in the icons and promo section, you can select a course picture, or you can not choose, just select the color of the course – on the site in this case, the video course will be a colored rectangle.


Here you can add another video review, in the price section you can put a charge for a fee – free. If you have not entered the data for receiving payments, you will not be able to place the price. But this can be done later.

If the content type “video course” is selected, the designer tab will be available, where you need to add sections and “lessons”.

In the “lessons” you can add content:

  • • Video
  • • text with pictures
  • • Presentation
  • • pdf files
  • • YouTube video
  • • Test creation
  • • Code editor with syntax highlighting

    And also the ability to apply bonuses for downloading, for example, pdf-reports

After creating the course / consultation, it is in the default status “Not published” and is not visible on the site. To publish it, you need to go to the products list (in the left menu “My products”) and click the red box in the row with your product.


& nbsp;

After that, your course will be visible on the Internet. And with the help of the “View” button you can get into the preview mode, so your customers and students will see the materials.

Events and online consultations

If you select the “Event” type when creating a product, then additional fields will appear for entering the date and time of the event, as well as the venue. So it looks like the page of the event:



If you select the “Order pro” type when creating a product, then when you purchase this advice on the site, the user will be prompted to enter the desired time and date of the event, as well as contact information for communication with him.

With successful payment, a virtual room link is immediately generated in, which can be sent to the user by mail.

Need a blog?

Create a beautiful, simple, fast and adaptive blog on the Wizzylab platform is very simple. You can develop a personal brand, attract additional customers, and of course, talk about your innovations and updates. And all this with the help of a blog.


Appearance or how to set up web design?

You can customize your own style in the “Design” section. Here you can add a logo, a favicon (a picture on the browser tab), select the main image of the site. You can also adjust the colors of menus and buttons.


On the start ... Launch site

faq-13That’s basically all, now you can look at the site. You can go to the button at the bottom of the panel.

Here is a site, for example, you can get for free immediately after registration, adding a logo, several images and videos:

Ok, but how will the user see the materials?

When buying a course (books, video), the user enters a special “training mode”, where all materials are conveniently submitted. You can make some sections free so that the user before the purchase can view them and make a decision. In this mode, the video is copy-protected.


Examples of using

Wizzylab integrates into any website, blog, or in several places at the same time.
This is an excellent solution, opening for you a variety of sales channels.

WordPress, Wix, Joomla, etc. – here is a list of only a few of the most popular platforms with which to simply install wizzylab by adding a line of code to the required page.

Connection of payment reception

As for the system for accepting payments, Wizzylab currently has one system available – the LiqPay payment service.
With its help you will be able to accept Payments from 203 countries of the world online with the help of Visa / Mastercard and Internet banking Privat24. Commission 2,75% for payment, which is quite good.
The widget is simple to install – just copy the html code.
Also, you can draw up a page where the buyer enters the data of his card, in the right colors and with your logo.

Integration and complements

As mentioned above, you can extend the capabilities of Wizzylab with extensions such as MailChimp, Disqus and SumoMe.

For example, when using MailChimp, you can make sure that when buying your video courses or files, the email of the client / student will be placed in a separate list, and all users on this list will receive a letter every 5 days with interesting materials or further instructions.

To use the comment feature in each product, you need to connect Disqus. At the end of each video course, appear a stylish form:


faq-18For promotion in soc. networks you can use social network buttons SumoMe, compatible in mobile mode, fully customizable in appearance for each of your pages.

faq-19If you need to establish feedback from visitors to your site – then you need to enable the use of the SumoMe contact form in the settings. By default, it will be on the right as a pop-up button.

SEO and analytics

• SEO capabilities. You can describe the meta-headers and meta description of each product and for the site as a whole.
• View reports. Track sales and orders from your office.
• Integration with Google Analytics. Take advantage of Google Analytics.

And if I already have a blog on WordPress or Joomla?

With the simple Wizzylab plug-in it is now possible to sell digital products, services or online consultations directly from your WordPress site very simply.


Adding a setting takes only a few minutes without involving programmers.

And this is how your digital store will look in any section of your blog


Is it worth it ...

Of course it does! You can use it for free for almost 2 months, and using paid products at this time. You can use Wizzylab as your main site, and you can as an addition to any catalog of courses. With the capabilities of the service, you can quickly figure it out using this guide or yourself.
By the way, if you have already used Wizzylab for selling digital information products, write in the comments. Share your opinion on the possibilities of using this service on your example.

Your ideas are very valuable

If you have any ideas how to make Wizzylab better, please share them with us. Many improvements have come about thanks to the ideas of our users.
If you find a bug, please let us know. We will be very grateful to you and will try to correct it quickly.